This section explains the basics of Excel.

1 Ribbon: Excel selects the ribbon's Home tab when you open it. Learn how to use the ribbon.

2 Workbook: A workbook is another word for your Excel file. When you start Excel, click Blank workbook to create an Excel workbook from scratch.

3 Worksheets: A worksheet is a collection of cells where you keep and manipulate the data. Each Excel workbook can contain multiple worksheets.

4 Format Cells: When we format cells in Excel, we change the appearance of a number without changing the number itself.

5 Find & Select: Learn how to use Excel's Find, Replace and Go To Special feature.

6 Templates: Instead of creating an Excel workbook from scratch, you can create a workbook based on a template. There are many free templates available, waiting to be used.

7 Data Validation: Use data validation to make sure that users enter certain values into a cell.

8 Keyboard Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts allow you to do things with your keyboard instead of your mouse to increase your speed.

9 Print: This chapter teaches you how to print a worksheet and how to change print settings.

10 Share: Learn how to share Excel data with Word documents and other files.

11 Protect: Encrypt an Excel file with a password so that it requires a password to open it.

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Become an Excel pro! You can find related examples and features on the right side of each chapterat the bottom of each chapter. Below you can find an overview.

1 Ribbon: Quick Access Toolbar | Customize the Ribbon | Developer Tab | Status Bar | Checkbox

2 Workbook: Themes | View Multiple Workbooks | AutoRecover | Save in 97-2003 Format

3 Worksheets: Zoom | Split | Freeze Panes | Group Worksheets | Consolidate | View Multiple Worksheets | Get Sheet Name | Comments | Spell Check

4 Format Cells: Decimal Places | Fractions | Currency vs Accounting | Text to Numbers | Numbers to Text | Custom Number Format | Format Painter | Cell Styles | Wrap Text | Merge Cells | Strikethrough | Superscript and Subscript | Check Mark

5 Find & Select: Find Features | Wildcards | Delete Blank Rows | Row Differences | Copy Visible Cells Only | Search Box

6 Templates: Budget | Calendar | Holidays | Meal Planner | Invoice | Automated Invoice | Default Templates | Time Sheet | BMI calculator

7 Data Validation: Reject Invalid Dates | Budget Limit | Prevent Duplicate Entries | Product Codes | Drop-down List | Dependent Drop-down Lists | Cm to inches | Kg to lbs

8 Keyboard Shortcuts: Function Keys | Insert Row | Save As | Delete Row | Formula to Value | Scroll Lock | Bullet Points | Line Break | Show Formulas

9 Print: Workbook Views | Page Breaks | Headers and Footers | Page Numbers | Print Titles | Center on Page | Print Gridlines & Headings | Print Area

10 Share: Embed | PDF | Share Workbooks | OneDrive | Online | Import Access Data | Microsoft Query | Import/Export Text Files | XML

11 Protect: Protect Workbook | Protect Sheet | Lock Cells | Read-only Workbook | Mark as Final

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