Show Formulas


By default, Excel shows the results of formulas. To show the formulas instead of their results, press CTRL + ` (you can find this key above the tab key).

1. When you select a cell, Excel shows the formula of the cell in the formula bar.

Formula Bar

2. To display all formulas, in all cells, press CTRL + ` (you can find this key above the tab key).

Show Formulas in Excel

3. Press ↓ twice.

Referenced Cells

Note: as you can see, Excel highlights all cells that are referenced by a formula.

4. To hide all formulas, press CTRL + ` again.

5. If you can't find the grave accent (`) on your keyboard, on the Formulas tab, in the Formula Auditing group, click Show Formulas.

Click Show Formulas

Note: to hide all formulas, click Show Formulas again. Visit our page about formula auditing in Excel to learn more about tracing precedents, tracing dependents, error checking, etc.

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